Robur – Gas Absorption Heat Pumps



For high efficiency heating and hot water production
Ideal for detached and semi-detached homes

ErP Energy Class: A++


Aim high in heating your home!


A super efficient heat pump that uses air, a renewable energy source always available, to heat your home.
It is gas fired, simply.
K18 is at the top of energy labelling: A++.
Easy to install, it is the all-in-one solution, without the complexity of integration with solar thermal systems.


K18 because…


  • Thanks to the environmental energy, heating costs are reduced by half
    K18 is simple as a boiler, but it is far more: K18 is super efficient because it uses at best the energy of air, always available, securing a solid saving every year!
    • It is the easy choice for your home
      K18 is the all-in-one solution, easy to install, avoiding the complexity of the integration on field with solar thermal systems.
      No flue pipes. Easy maintenace.
      It uses a natural refrigerant, not affected by F-Gas restrictions.
    • ROBUR_K18_installazione_ago2015It is the quietest heat pump on the market


    • It is a versatile unit
      Suitable for both new and existing buildings as it fits also in heating systems with high temperature distribution systems (radiators). K18 can replace or integrate an existing gas boiler in the easiest and quickest way.
      It is the ideal choice for new houses with low temperature distribution systems (floor heating or fan coils).


1907_n_ROBUR_K18_fino-del-monte_01TECHNICAL TABLE


ErP Energy Class (55°C application): A++
Working point A7/W35(2) | G.U.E. gas utilization efficiency(3): 169%
Working point A7/W35(2) | heating capacity: 18,9 kW
Working point A7/W50(4) | gas utilization efficiency(5): 157%
Working point A7/W50(4) | heating capacity: 17,6 kW
Max outlet water temperature | heating: 65°C
Nominal max electrical power(6): 355 W
Sound pressure Lp at 5 metres(7) | free field, direction factor: 2 | max speed fan: 43,0 dB(A)
Sound pressure Lp at 5 metres(7) | free field, direction factor: 2 | min speed fan: 40,0 dB(A)

(1) As per calculation methods of EN12309.
(2) Outdoor temperature 7 °C, outlet hot water temperature 35 °C.
(3) Equivalent to COP 4.22 on energy conversion factor of 2.5.
(4) Outdoor temperature 7 °C, outlet hot water temperature 50 °C.
(5) Equivalent to COP 3.92 on energy conversion factor of 2.5.
(6) Water pump electrical consumtpion not included.
(7) Lw sound power 65 dB(A) at max speed fan, 62 dB(A) at min speed fan. Sound power values measured according to EN ISO 9614.



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