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Ndi have been part of the Morso story in Ireland for about 15 years and continue to represent Morso both in their Indoor products and more recently their Outdoor products and NAC Cookware,                                                   

When Niels Andreas Christensen (N.A Christensen) started Morsø Foundry in 1853, in Denmark, it was for the production of all sorts of products, from stable windows, grave crosses and saucepans to pots and pans. Wood-burners and tiled stoves only came later, around the turn of the century, when Morsø began to produce and provide tiled stoves and heaters to schools, churches, the railways, ministries and not least to the royal household. This put Morsø seriously on the map, and in 1915 Morsø received the coveted title of Purveyor to the Royal Court.                                                                                                   

Morso are still famous for the Original Cast Iron Stove                          

The quintessential wood-burning stove has always been crafted from cast iron, and it’s still the best material for a stove today. Just ask the Danes; they know their wood burners better than anyone.

Cast-iron stoves are timeless. Traditional. Efficient. Cosy. Many people have tried to produce stoves in cheaper, lighter materials but nobody has managed to make a wood-burning stove with the unique properties of cast-iron.


Morso Living

Part of food history

In 2015, Morsø launched an entirely new series of kitchen equipment which enhances the experience both in the kitchen and at the table, and of course made of black cast iron like all other Morsø products this became known as the NAC Cookware. In 2012, Morsø launched their first Forno Outdoor Oven as part of their newly established outdoor cooking products. 

Morso stove

The Environment                                                                                              

Air quality is important to Morsø and they endeavour to provide customers with the highest quality wood burners to ensure this. 

Constant research and innovation has led to developing stoves that are amongst the most efficient wood burning stoves in the world, making them a responsible heat source.

 Morsø’s wood-burning stoves meet some of the strictest environmental standards, including the Nordic Swan Eco Label. You can also be assured that Morsø are at the forefront of the EcoDesign 2022 standards 

 A large of number of Morso stoves are also listed on the HETAS website as SIA EcoDesign ready with others to follow. Morso have demonstrably reduced the emissions of particles to an absolute minimum by using refined combustion technology together with an advanced purification system.

Morso are indeed ahead of  many stove companies in their quest to meet all requirements for Eco Design and continue to produce new and better stoves while doing their part for the environment.

For further information, Technical details, Specification and drawings visit the Morso website

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