Gas Tumble Dryers 60% cheaper than Electric

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AFFORDABLE  Tumble Drying with the White Knight Gas Tumble Dryers

As Winter is upon us and the daily household chore of drying clothes becomes increasingly difficult, NOW is the time to invest in the UC Gas Tumble Dryer.

At an amazing low running cost of only 14p* per average load, 60% cheaper than the running cost of an Electric Tumble Dryer there is no reason to worry about the cost and no more running out to  the clothes line to save your washing from the pouring rain.


The Eco86aw see  NDi Website for model specification.

The White Knight 86AW model is now are available in NATURAL GAS and LPG.

Starting at £399.99 inc vat for the Nat Gas and £432.47 for LPG

It is time to think again about the convenience of a Gas Tumble Dryer

Ask your Gas Registered Installer for details and see our website for your supplier.

Get more info at

* Price calculated on standard tariff for gas and electric Oct 2013 based on an average load

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