Adey extend their Revolutionary Chemicals line

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Following ADEY’s very successful introduction of chemicals to the industry a year ago, ADEY have added a further 5 chemicals to their portfolio each with a specific role to play in protecting and maintaining central heating systems.

With the now already recognised MC1 PROTECTOR and MC3 CLEANER established the family grows with the following additions.

MC2- SILENCER – eliminates limescale, reduces boiler noise and restores heat efficiency

MC4- LEAK SEALER – repairs inaccessible leaks, weeping joints and helps avoid maintenance repairs to blocked pumps, valves and air vents.

MC5 -CLEANER – is an advanced strength chemical, developed for use with the MagnaCleanse process.

MC7 -BIOCIDE – tackles potentially harmful micro-organisms and fungicides removing bacterial blockages in low temperature renewable and underfloor heating systems.

MCZERO Antifreeze – Protects against metal corrosion, scale, boiler noise and gas formation effective at temperatures down to -15 oC

This NEW more extensive range is available in 500ml, 5L, and 10L sizes and is available at major merchants.





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